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In 1937 Bethlehem began as a safe place for people to discover God and connect with others. Today, we see our church flourishing like never before. We’re grateful for all God has done and invite you to become a part of God’s unfolding story at Bethlehm of Deliverance-Real Deal Church.

When you visit, you’ll meet people, just like you,  just common folks trying to live uncommon lives in a way that is real, smart, brave, and fun. We place a high emphasis on helping you and your family connect, and offer many choices you feel comfortable. 

 Visit us soon, and when you come, please stop by and see me in the reception area.


Bishop David



Your Life Will Never Be The Same

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WHAT TO Expect?

Expect a friendly, warm, caring  &  spirit -filled atmosphere. We are passionate about connecting you to real relationships that will elevate your ability to learn,  serve



Come as you are, be yourself and wear what makes you comfortable.




When we sing unto the Lord with the fruit of our lips,

 it opens up a dialogue between you and God

You receive instructions, guidance, healings, and prosperity, when you worship. When the praises go up the blessings come down! 

Ephesians 5:17-19



            We are committed to breaking the cycle of poverty. Since January 2019 to December 2019 2 million pounds of food has been distributed to over 50,000 people.  Jesus said feed them that are hungry! It is through RDFM and the Love of Christ that Lives are being  changed. When food is in the home and the refrigerator is stock it helps produce a joyful non- stressful environment.  Will you please consider volunteering or Donating Today.





At Bethlehem you'll find a community of real people, guided by real leaders who share real life experiences that produce real change,  solutions, and results.  

The Real Deal Food Ministry

Blessed To Be A Blessing!